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Senior Newsletter

Young men must register for the Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. Go to Come to guidance to learn about all the benefits once you are registered. 

Student Bullentin: Below is a link to help with College Applications and Financial Aid timelines.

 Exciting news for students that are seeking the certificate or associate's degree from VHCC. 

VHCC is doing a VHCC Dual Enrollment Academy this summer where students can take up to six (6) credit hours – eight (8) if the student is taking a lab science – AT NO COST TO THE STUDENT!!!  

All students will need to do is go onto our website starting around March 20th and look at the classes that they will be offering for both the 5W1 and the 5W2 sessions and pick a class.  THEY HAVE TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES THROUGH Pat Farmer, AS SHE WILL HAVE THE LIST TO GIVE TO THE BUSINESS OFFICE. If they go through any other counselor at VHCC, they will not know to put them on the list and the students will get a bill.  

Students can email or call her with their course request. This will be an excellent opportunity for students working on the Certificate or the Associate’s Degree who want to get ahead or to lighten their load during the school year.  

The classes are mostly virtual, however, they are going to see if any of the VHCC instructors would be interested in doing any “seated” classes this summer.  The VCCS is still having them teaching virtual due to the fact that they have not gotten their vaccines yet, but some instructors may like to do a seated class with the social distancing and masks.  Most of the classes will be virtual, however. 


VHCC will NOT be doing Governor’s School this summer as they would have to be virtual and the most exciting thing about Governor’s School is the field trip.  They cannot do field trips yet, so this Academy is a much better option for the summer.  Students do not have to take more than one class, but have the opportunity to do two if they choose.  If students want MORE than two classes (for free) they would have the opportunity to use the Forward Thinking Scholarship for classes over 6 (or 8) credits.


Pat Farmer-DE Coordinator at VHCC

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: 276-739-2480